Last weekend we were lucky to have really nice weather.  On Saturday, we had sunny skies and highs in the upper 80s.  On Sunday, it was cooler, but still really nice.

We are not going to be so lucky this weekend, though.

According to News Center Maine, some parts of Maine and New Hampshire are going to get some really nasty storms on Saturday and Sunday.

According to meteorologist Mike Slifer, a nearby warm front, following by a weak cold front, will lead to some potentially nasty weather in Northern New England this weekend.

It appears that the northern New Hampshire and western / northern Maine could see some severe storms between 6 PM and 11 PM on Saturday.

Sundays storms will be a little more widespread.  In the case of Sunday, these storms could cover the majority of the state.  Also, Sunday's storms will be earlier in the day,  We can expect those storms to roll through Northern New England between Noon and 2 PM.

On both days, these storms will include rain, potentially hail, and gusty winds.

Get a complete breakdown of the weekend forecast HERE.

If you have any pictures of videos of wild weather, send them to us through our app or on Facebook.  And, of course, be safe!

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