According to the KJ, the screams of a naked 14 year old girl are being credited in helping with the rescue of her father and sister.

Fourteen year old Kiana French, of Skowhegan, had been boating with her father and sister on Parlin Pond, when the boat they were in capsized.  Kiana swam to short, stripped off her clothes, and started yelling for help.

Emily McCabe, who had been mowing her lawn, said she noticed the girl's light skin against the dark colored trees.  McCabe's husband, Game Warden Kris MacCabe, got his neighbor, Don West.  The two took West's boat across the lake to where French was standing.

She explained that the trio's boat had capsized in the middle of the lake.  McCabe and West found both Gary French and Cierrah French approximately 1,800 feet from where they found Kiana.  Both were wearing life vests.

All three were checked out by medical personnel.

Apparently, the three had been fishing on the pond when the weather started getting nasty.  The wind whipped up the waves, causing the boat to take on water.  No matter how hard they tried, they could not keep the boat upright.  And, as for why Kianna took her clothes off, she said she had seen it in a TV show.

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