Like something out of one of the Fast & Furious movies, a driver in the northern Maine town of Millinocket had to be rescued from an industrial trash compactor last week.

According to WMTW, on Friday, staffers at the Millinocket Transfer Station called the authorities to report that a Subaru SUV was stuck inside the trash compactor with the driver still inside.

Members of the East Millinocket Police Department, and local firefighters responded to the incident.  The firefighters were about get the driver out of the vehicle.  They were not injured in the ordeal.

E. Millinocket PD
E. Millinocket PD

They were extra cautious over concerns that the vehicle's fuel tank had ruptured.

In a post on the East Millinocket Police Department page, they said:

Things you don’t see everyday. Today the East Millinocket Police Department and the Millinocket Fire Department were called to the Millinocket Transfer Station for a vehicle reported to be in the trash hopper / compactor and the occupant was still in the vehicle.
Upon arrival we found the operator was unable to get out of the vehicle because the vehicle was hanging over the hopper / compactor. Millinocket Fire was able to safely remove the operator and thankfully the operator was uninjured.

Exactly how the vehicle came to be stuck inside the trash compactor was not revealed.

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