If you are a parent or a teacher, one of the biggest COVID-19 pandemic-related concerns you've probably had is how education will be approached when school goes back into session this fall.

According to WCSH, Pender Makin, Commissioner for the Maine Department of Education, and other education groups around the state, are planning for what the Fall 2020 semester may look like.

As the coronavirus is a variable they cannot, at this time, predict, the Maine Department of Education is developing several different plans for the start of the school year.  Over the last few weeks, they have developed four potential plans.


The four plans are:

A - School returns as normal

B - Classroom education is a mix of in-person and virtual

C - Classes are held virtually

D - Classes begin in the classroom, but transition to online


If learning in the classroom does take place in the 2020 / 2021 school year, Makin says those CDC guidelines we've all heard so much about, will be observed.


Currently, those guidelines include:

-The use of face coverings by teachers and students

-Signs reminding teachers and students to regularly wash their hands

-Frequent announcements reminding students about the importance of cleanliness and social distancing

-Extra time spent cleaning surfaces, fountains, bathrooms, etc

-Minimizing items shared between students

-Social distance seating - making sure desks are at least 6 feet apartment (when feasible)

-Social distance transportation - allowing only one student per seat.  For some districts, this would lead to the need for addition buses and/or bus runs


It is important to note that, between now and September, these Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Guidelines could change dramatically.  Those changes could go either way.  They could become much looser or they could end up being way more stringent.

What are your thoughts on these plans?

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