If you have ever dreamed of downsizing and moving into a tiny house, this could be the perfect opportunity.

Someone in Fairfield has converted an old caboose into a tiny house.  While the Facebook Marketplace listing does not give a lot of details, we do know that it is wired for power and is septic ready.  The main floor has a functional kitchen, pantry, living room with a fireplace, bunks, and a full-sized bathroom.  The master bedroom is in the cupola.

While there is no square footage listed, we can assume that it is somewhere around 400 square feet – this is based on the fact that most cabooses are about 10 feet wide and between 30 and 40 feet long.

The place is very well designed.  Based on what can be seen in the photos, not an inch of space has been wasted.

Take a look:

Take A Peek Inside This Converted Caboose

This caboose has been renovated into a tiny house. At the time of this writing, the house is for sale for $60,000. Get more details HERE

The current asking price is $60,000.  Considering how beautiful the place is, it is very affordable.  The only problem is that you have to move the house from it's current location.

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