According to a report in the KJ, a little late night (or erly morning) weed burning led to a fire in downtown Rockland.  But, we're not talking about marijuana (or pot, or grass, or the devli's lettuce, or...  well, you get the idea).  The person was trying to get rid of the pest plant kind of weeds.

According to the article, at about 1:30 AM on Wednesday (June 22nd) a tenant was using a propane torch to burn weeds along the side of a downtown building.  The person was trying to get rid of the weeds by lighting them on fire.  Somehow, they accidentally ignited the trim and plywood on an old window.  They did not realize that they had started the fire and went back inside the residence.

Fortunately, a passerby saw the fire and called 911.  According to authorities, if it had not been spotted when it was, the outcome could have been a lot worse.

Initially reported at a nearby address, it was determined that the fire was actually at 328 Main Street.  That building has several restaurant / bars and retail spaces on the ground floor and has apartments on the two upper floors.  It was reportedly one of the apartment renters who started the fire.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The fire was quickly extinguished with little damage to the building.  The only real damage appears to be from smoke caused by the fire.

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