We all have our favorite grocery store. Whether it's for convenience and location or simply the layout and staff, it's our go-to. I personally cannot stand going to the supermarket, but I have my favorites depending on what I want, because everyone needs a grocery store. From McKinnons in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to Whole Foods and Wegman's, each place has its own specialty or reason for being on my list of places to grab groceries. Even Stop and Shop, Star, and Shaws are right there for convenience as those everyday supermarkets with basic prices we expect.

Speaking of pricing, our budgets matter, especially with the crazy, fluctuating grocery pricing we've been seeing the last few years. Since we all have bills, unexpected costs, and live in New England (which has a different price level all it's own, comparatively), cheap is good when we can get it.

eduardo soares
eduardo soares

According to the US News and World Report website, Aldi (dating back to 1961) is the market to go to if you want the cheapest in the country. It's literally a discount, no-frills grocery store that's gained major popularity because of its prices. There are 20 in Massachusetts and 9 in New Hampshire. Sadly, Maine doesn't have any, but maybe that will change in the future?

Meanwhile, in this list of the seven cheapest grocery stores in the United States, a New England favorite, Market Basket, came in at #5 with 57 locations in Massachusetts, 33 in New Hampshire, and three in Maine.

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