As we are looking at the start of the flu season and still focused on COVID-19, there are reasons to be concerned with the two overlapping.  Add in seasonal allergies and things get real confusing for some of us.

Well, that is why this little story caught my attention from In many cases, there is a bit of a predictable pattern of the significant symptoms of COVID-19 and the flu…and they can be slightly different.

Remember, this is a pattern that the researchers at the University of Southern California found as they look at data…it is no guarantee. It may just be something for the medical profession to be aware of when dealing with patients. It also can be used to get suspected COVID-19 cases to get medical attention and isolate even sooner.

What the USC research found with COVID-19, a fever showed up first followed by the other symptoms (in order) coughing and muscle pain, nausea and vomiting, and last on the list was diarrhea. For the flu in most cases, the coughing starts before the fever. That can be a slight but essential difference.

But there again, COVID-19 had shown itself to be a stealthy bugger. Some people merely lose their sense of taste and smell or some skin discoloration, but none of the other symptoms. Some patients with just some chest pain or headaches. Then we have those people who have reported no symptoms at all.  

And the cherry on top of this information was found at the bottom of the article I read…the ‘twindemic’. as the two can impact us at the same time. Since these are two different illnesses, a person can have both the flu and COVID-19.

Now here is my hope; the increase in awareness of handwashing, keeping high touch areas clean, not touching your face, social distancing, and wearing the masks will help keep both in check this fall and winter.

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