A Woburn, Massachusetts woman was surprised to get a letter from her deceased husband, John, nearly eight decades after it was mailed!

According to CNN, Angelina Gonsalves got the letter on December 9th - 76 years and three days after it was mailed from Germany.  At the time, John was stationed in post-war Germany.  Originally, the letter had been intended to go to the soldier's mother's house, but it would never make it.

Angelina did not even know John when the letter was penned and mailed.  They would meet several years later and be married in 1953.  They spent over sixty  wonderful years together, before John passed away in 2015 at the age of 92.  In that time, they raised a family and had many amazing adventures.

In the letter, John complains about the food and weather where he was stationed.  Apparently, the sun never shined where he was.

Where had the letter been for the better part of a century?  No one really knows.  However, when it was found in a Pennsylvania processing center, postal workers decided it was important that they track down the relatives of the intended recipient.

According to CNN, the postal workers wrote a note that went with the letter.  It read, in part:

We are aware of the passing of your husband in 2015 (our condolences).  By virtue of some dedicated sleuth work by postal employees at this facility, we were able to determine your address, hence this letter delivery to you, albeit 76 years delayed. Due to the age and significance to your family history, delivering this letter was of utmost importance to us.

While it cannot be confirmed, one factor that may have helped in locating the family was the fact that both John's mother and wife were / are named Angelina.

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