You've opened all the presents, eaten all of the feasts, and sang (perhaps drunkenly) "Auld Lang Syne"...  Now what?  Sadly, with the Holidays a few weeks behind us, we've entered that "blah" part of winter.  It is cold, it gets dark early, and there really is not much to look forward to - except spring!

There is hope, though!  The cure for those winter blahs is just about a two hour drive from most of Central Maine.  You can get some summer vibes, any time of the year, at North Conway's Kahuna Laguna Water Park.

Located inside the Red Jacket Inn, Kahuna Laguna Water Park is a massive, 40,000 square foot indoor water park that you really need to experience!

One of the highlights include a three story tall water slide town!  Your ride down the slide ends when you splashdown into an immense 43,000 gallon pool.  When you need a break, you can spend some time floating around in the wave pool or playing on the splash pad.  There's also the "Aquabrella", which is kind of like a waterfall the kids can play in, and there is an adventure center.

The hotel's website describes the park as:

Escape to a tropical paradise where it’s always 84 degrees with a wild surf and soaking downpours! A wet, wild, and wonderful aloha adventure, you’ll be racing your kids down the huge 3-story tubes, riding the waves in the pool, dodging the geysers, getting drenched by the tipping bucket, and more. With all the fun water features, you'll be slippin' and slidin', dippin' and flippin', and playin' and sprayin' all the way back to your guest room for bed!

At the moment, probably due to the on-going pandemic, the park is only open to guests of the resort.  Hopefully, in the future, they will resume allowing non-hotel guests to use the park.

In the past, the park has made the list of USA Today's best indoor water parks in America.

Get all the details HERE

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