For the last few years, Maine has been lucky enough to be graced by a unique natural phenomena - ice disks!

In early 2019, there was one in Westbrook.  That first (in recent history) ice disk measured one hundred yards across.

Then, in early 2020, one formed in Skowhegan.

Well, it looks like this week's cold snap has caused them to start forming again.

According to the Portland Press Herald, the Westbrook ice disk has once again started to form on the Presumpscot River.  As of Tuesday morning, the disk was just a thin sheet of ice.  Hopefully, as the temperatures remain sub-zero, we'll see the ice disk stick around.  Maybe we'll even see ice disks return to other Maine rivers.

With hundreds, if not thousands, of people making the trip to Westbrook with the sole purpose of seeing the ice disk in person, local businesses capitalized on the increase in traffic.  For example, a local pizza place created an Ice Disk pizza and a local cafe started making special ice disk cupcakes that were topped with a sugar cookie disk and white buttercream frosting.  Local bars even made special ice disk cocktails.

As the state continues to recover from the economy slump of the pandemic, many business owners hope to see another bump in business thanks to this new ice disk.

What causes these ice disks to form?  According to an article in National Geographic, it s theorized that the disks form when the water of the river spins a chunk of ice until it is rubbed smooth.  That's the layman version.  You'd be better off reading the article for yourself.

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