When Adam and Eve were chillin in that paradise garden spot back in the biblical days, naked and probably afraid, staring at the forbidden fruit, I wonder if yellow watermelon were on the menu?

If it was, maybe things would've been totally different. Who knows? What I do know is that when I see someone strange, out of the ordinary, or delicious, I have to try it.

I went to the grocery store, pushing my car, with my ear buds and sunglasses on, as I normally do so I am completely unapproachable and I saw something rare. I took my sunglasses on because for a second I thought I had gone color blind.

Anytime I've ever had a fruit fantasy, yellow watermelons were never a part of that. Normally when I am thinking about fruit it's juicy red apples with the drops of water falling off, red watermelon juice sliding down your lips, you know, the sexy stuff.

My fruit fantasies are now going to be nuts, because yellow watermelon is exotic. It's almost like if a yellow squash and red watermelon had a love child.

Photo via Lizzy Snyder
Photo via Lizzy Snyder

So where did they come from and why are they here?

According to Tasting Table, they may be looked at as very rare here in America, but not on the African continent. Because they hold so much water, they are known as "desert kings" because they provide so much hydration.

The article states that even though these watermelons are beautiful, they don't consist of too much flavor. I am assuming that is because of the amount of water inside takes away from the taste.

So, what I am going to do is eat one and I will let you know what it tastes like.

Okay, I just ate one and I am not impressed. I have to be honest. The writers of the article were right, there is little to no taste. However it truly is a beautiful piece of fruit.

So, I circle back to the beginning. I know now that if Adam & Eve were presented with this instead of a juicy red apple, they probably wouldn't of eaten it.

You're welcome.

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