Stories like the one I'm about to tell you are pure miracles, and even more so when we consider the weather here in Maine during this time of year...

According to a press release from the Maine Department of Public Safety, at about  5 AM Wednesday, December 22, 2021, the Maine State Police reported an older man with Alzheimer's who had wandered away from his home in Vassalboro.

Some of Maine's finest troopers responded to the scene and started searching the area in no time. With some credible information from a town plow truck driver, the police learned a man was seen walking in the area during the storm. After receiving that tip, Trooper Tyler Harrington was able to locate the elderly gentleman in a ditch on Mudget Hill Rd. in Vassalboro.

Unfortunately, 82-year-old Bernard Perry began to suffer from frostbite severe hypothermia due to the harsh winter weather. Knowing the man couldn't walk to the police cruiser himself, Trooper Harrington carried Perry to his vehicle, where they waited for an ambulance. EMTs then took Perry to Maine General in Augusta.  We're being told his is still recovering in the hospital.

I can't imagine how thankful Mr. Perry's family is at the moment, knowing that the fast actions of a local hero saved his life. You can watch the heroic efforts of Maine State Trooper Harrington via a YouTube video by the Maine State Police, with permission to be shared by the family of Bernard.

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