With the Christmas Holiday near, it's that time of year to reflect on those that go out of their way to make it so special. Take for example the man they call "The Flying Santa".

According to the folklore of many who live along Maine's coast, and Wikipedia, it's a story that dates back to 1929. You see there was a pilot named William Wincapaw who often flew in the Penobscot Bay area, a very skilled pilot. He often flew amphibious planes which could land either on water or ground.

Now, Captain Wincapaw was also very well liked in the community. He was known to transport sick or injured islanders when needed even when the weather would have kept other pilots on the ground. He was driven and is responsible for saving many lives.

Back in days of the 1920's and 1930's flying in inclement weather in those days meant you had to focus on land marks to help you get where you needed to go. Lighthouses were the main landmarks that he used as they were dotting the Maine coast. These beacons of light were his map when he could not navigate by sight. He also made it a point to make friends with the lighthouse keepers and would often tie up his plane to visit with them.

It was these friendships that had the Captain thinking.... how could he do something special for the keepers and their families? And that's how

What makes this story so compelling is that the tradition lives on today! Although, helicopters are now used to deliver packages. The Friends of Flying Santa are now devoted to ensuring the flights continue in gratitude of all the work our men, women, and families of the United States Coast Guard do to keep our waters safe. And to all a goodnight.

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