Portland’s new hockey team is coming together. Recently, the team, which will play out of the city’s Cross Insurance Arena opened up their website for name suggestions. Well, it looks like there are five finalists.


  1. Mariners (also the name of Portland’s original pro hockey team)
  2. Watchmen (decent, but semi creepy)
  3. Wild Blueberries (now really, WHO submitted this one?)
  4. Lumberjacks (It’s a Portland team. There are no lumberjacks in Portland, unless you count the fashion lumberjacks at one of the 25 microbreweries)
  5. Puffins (Okay, I could see this one happening)


Personally, I think they are missing the mark. If you want to keep it Portland, fine. I guess the rest of the state will have to play your game. But, let’s meet in the middle. The Portland Pines.  After all, Maine IS the Pine Tree State, and this could be the most ‘Portland’ character of the last few years.

YouTube Screenshot via user Cen
YouTube Screenshot via user Cen

There’s still time. Let’s make it happen!


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