According to the Kennebec Journal, there will be a new Chief in town for the Augusta Fire Department. Though this chief certainly 'new' to the Augusta Fire Department. Dave Groder has been serving as the city's Deputy Chief for quite sometime and has been chosen by Augusta's city manager to take over as chief.

Dave always knew he wanted to be a firefighter. In fact, his father, Alfred, was a firefighter for Skowhegan. Dave recalled memories of being a kid when his dad worked for the department, “This has been my goal since the beginning, even as a little kid, growing up in the fire service with my dad. As a child, when a call went out I used to run to the fire station and watch the trucks when they left.”

The selection of Dave Groder as chief comes after Augusta Mayor, Dave Rollins, and city coucilors sent a letter to Augusta City Manager, Bill Bridgeo, reccomending they longtime Battalion Chief, Steve Leach, get the job. The letter read in part, “We are fortunate within the fire department to have several individuals that could take over the reins and direct us in the future, we feel, however, that one individual has distinguished himself in his leadership abilities and we strongly recommend him for the position of Department Chief”.

According to Augusta City Manager, “I’ve had detailed conversations with a number of the members of the department throughout the course of this process, and in my opinion some members were expressing a preference for Steve, which is understandable. He’s a great guy and a great leader and battalion chief. I think as we move forward into the Dave Groder era of managing the fire department he’ll be very successful, and the department will continue to shine like it has."


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