The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has caused a complete upheavel in the way we live our lives.  The only good thing about the situation is how it has showed that the human race can be amazingly innovative.

And, with the pandemic continuing as we near the winter months, restaurants are scrambling to find ways to continue to utilize outside dining spaces.  One of the coolest looking options that Maine restaurants have been testing out are the plastic igloos.

Basically, they are plastic geodesic domes designed to keep the heat, and potential germs, inside.

Last night, Hallowell's The Quarry Tap Room debuted the first of their "Q-gloos"

Check 'em out:

Who’s Ready For This?? Call The Q , To Reserve Your Q-Gloo!

Posted by The Quarry Tap Room on Friday, November 6, 2020

Why are restaurants doing all they can to extend the length of their outdoor dining season?  COVID-19 restrictions severely limit the amount of people that a business can have inside.  As a result, this limits the amount of money that a restaurant can make.  Many eateries run on very fine margins.

If you are not able to get into our local restaurants, please take advantage of their take-out options.

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