It's happened to us all at least once or twice.  We head to our local McDonald's restaurant dreaming about a McD's sundae, shake, or a McFlurry.

Now, there's a website that will tell you whether or not the machine is really broken.

According to News Center Maine, there is a website that will tell you whether or not the ice cream machine at  a particular McDonald's is out of order.

The website, operated by 24 year old Rashiq Zahid , is called McBroken .Here's how it works.  Every minute, the website operator attempts to order ice cream online from  over ten thousand McDonald's locations.  If the order goes through, that indicates the machine is working.

The site even features a cool, interactive, map.  Just like Google Maps, you can click and drag from location to location.  So, you can easily see that, even if your go-to location is having issues with the machine, the next closest location could have an operating machine.

Check it out HERE

What's your favorite McD's treat?  Sundae?  Shake?  McFlurry?


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