Meet Carmel The Kitten. He likes to cuddle with chickens.

Carmel is a stray who decided to move into the Radach family's backyard in Alexandria, Virginia last November. The family of four soon fell in love with this itsy, bitsy cutie, according to Echo Press.

However, Carmel was more interested in their nine chickens.

According to Echo Press, Carmel probably started hanging out with the birds because their insulated coop is the warmest place on the property. It's winter time and there is a heat lamp inside the coop.

However, the kitten seems to be pulling his weight in the coop: He helps the chickens by keeping their eggs warm. (Carmel was actually seen laying on top of the eggs.) He also keeps them company and snuggles with them.

By the way, Carmel also gets along with the family dog. This is one extraordinary kitten.

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