If you are a local history geek, you are going to love this project.

According to a post on the Kennebec Historical Society Facebook page, they are looking for the public's help in indexing a series of photos of Augusta homes and businesses that were taken in 1938.

The photos were taken in 1938 as part of a project done by the Works Progress Administration.

What the staff at the Kennebec Historical Society needs people to do is to take a picture of their home (or business) and maybe even a picture of your neighbors home.  They want those, along with your address, sent to them so they can index the photos by address.  Obviously, this is way more important if your house was built before 1938, but it probably would not hurt to send them a picture and your address if you do live in a newer home.

When they are done, they'll have a kind of old school Google Street View.

So, you don't actually have to identify the photos themselves, but the information you provide them will help KHS greatly in their effort to categorize the pictures in the library.

In return for your hard work, they'll send you an 8" X 10" print of your home or business from that collection.

According to Wikipedia, the Works Progress Administration was part of Franklin D. Roosevelt's "New Deal".  It's purpose was to get men and women who have lost their jobs due to The Great Depression back to work by having them work on infrastructure projects,  The millions of people employed by the project built over 620,000 miles of roads and over 10,000 bridges.

Google Maps Pics Show Us How Much Augusta Has Changed In The Last Two Decades

These photos show how Augusta has changed in the last two decades. Do you remember shopping, doing business, eating, or drinking at some of these now gone businesses?

Please note that some of these address may have changed.

Pictures Of Augusta House Hotel

These photos and scans all come from the Digital Maine website

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