According to the KJ, a 17 year old senior at Mount View High School  was killed in a Sunday morning car crash in Troy.

Hazel Fuller, who was a senior at the Thorndike high school, was alone on Route 220 / Detroit Road when the accident happened.

Members of law enforcement who reconstructed the scene say that it appears her GMC SUV drifted too far to the right.  Fuller attempted to get back on the road, but over-corrected.  She crossed the road and rolled into the ditch.  Fuller was ejected from the vehicle and passed away at the scene.

No one witnessed the accident, but a nearby resident came outside (presumably to investigate the noise) shortly after the crash.  That person called 911.  First responders from Troy, Unity and Burnham responded to the call.  A representative for the Waldo County Sheriff’s Department said speed does not appear to be a factor in the crash.  It appears more likely that it is just a case of driver inexperience.

Students, staff, and parents were made aware of the tragedy in a letter sent out by RSU 3 Superintendent Charles Brown on Sunday afternoon.  Counselors were available via Zoom for students or staff who needed someone to talk to about the tragedy.

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