Have the last few years got you thinking about making a big life change?  Maybe you've always dreamed of ditching that 9 to 5 day job to go into the tourism business?  Well, here's your opportunity.

According to the Biz Buy Sell website, the Wiscasset Woods Lodge is for sale.

This motel / lodge has been around for a long, long time.  In fact, if your grandparents or great-grandparents liked to vacation on Maine's coast, there is a chance they stayed here.  It started out as a group of rental cabins somewhere around 1920, but has grown since then.  The current main building was built in 1972.

The lodge features just under fifty rooms of varying sizes.  All of the rooms are beautifully furnished and they common amenities  (TV, fridge, coffee makers, etc).  The lodge is known for their great complimentary breakfasts.  It's not just microwaved stuff - they have a real kitchen on-site.

The property covers about eight acres and has hiking trails throughout that space.  Since only about 1/3 of the property has been used, there is plenty of room for expansion.

Take a look:

Wiscasset Woods Lodge

Have you always wanted to own your own hotel? here's your chance! The Wiscasset Woods Lodge is for sale. You can get all the details from the Biz Buy Sell website.

As it is located on Route 1, nearly every visitor to the area will drive directly past the property.  It is a few minutes' drive from downtown Wiscasset, a half hour to Boothbay Harbor, and about an hour from all that Portland has to offer.  It really is in a great location.

At the time of this writing, November of 2021, the list price was $1,395,000.  If you want more info about the place, or you want to set up an appointment to get a closer look at the property, click HERE.

Not interested in becoming a hotelier, but you love spending time in the Wiscasset area?  Take a look at the hotel's website to book a room now.

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