Are you missing those crazy fun times at summer camp? But you're an adult, and they kind of frown on adults going to camp? We've found a place for you to have some fun! CRAZY FUN that is!

It is Camp No Councilors.

Camp No Councilors is EXACTLY what you think it is. Summer camp with a bar!

It is summer camp for adults with, according to their website, great food and alcohol. There are lots of classic summer camp activities for you get into as well as theme parties and an open bar.

This was featured on ABC's Shark Tank and Camp No Councilors does this at locations all around the United States, but the Boston camp experience is right here in central Maine.   And based on the pictures on the Camp No Councilors for the Boston/Winslow experience it looks like Camp Caribou to me!  Been there and it is an amazing place to spend a weekend!

Here is their Facebook page and the Camp No Councilors website.

Here is the Camp No Councilors 2016 official YouTube video:

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