Not sure why anybody would think the entrance to the Bond Brook Trails in Augusta is suitable for dumping their trash, but apparently someone did just that. Not only is it irresponsible, but it could be a dangerous situation if some young kids were playing near the area and somehow got inside of the dryer.

The APD posted on their Facebook page:

Today (SUNDAY APRIL 9) while on routine patrol, Officer Taylor discovered an abandoned dryer left near the entrance to the Bond Brook trails Not only is it against the law to dump garbage but it is also a safety issue. Even though this is not a refrigerator or an ice chest, it is still just asking for bad things to happen by leaving this here or anywhere that garbage should not be left. Anyone with knowledge of who dumped this here is asked to contact APD so we can charge the responsible party. We are trying to have a nice place where people can recreate, not where someone can come in the middle of the night and dump trash illegally. Personal responsibility please.

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