Those of us living in New England know how great it is. For those living elsewhere, they may look no further than the winter weather and discard us as a place they'd rather not live. Or maybe they're just jealous because we have the Patriots, the Red Sox, Celtics, and the Bruins!

Well they may change their tune after reading this. A new study ranked every state from the best place to raise a family to the worst place, using factors like the quality of schools, childcare costs, crime rates, and housing prices.

Massachusetts is ranked the best overall! New Hampshire came in third...right behind Minnesota. Vermont was number five. And Maine came in 17th.

When it comes to the states with the least violent crime...Maine was #1...followed
immediately by Vermont and New Hampshire. The Granite State took the top spot for lowest infant mortality rate. Overall, New England looks like the best place in the entire nation to raise a family.

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