I noticed something really strange when I was scrolling through Facebook this morning.  For some reason, on my phone, the dates on people's posts were way, way, waaaaayyyy off!

For example, one post, a photo of a rainbow by a local photographer,  had a date of June 6th, 53,178!

I am still not sure if it is 53,178 BC or 53,178 AD.

I only notice the glitch on my phone, a Samsung Note 20 5G.  It does not happen when I am using my laptop.  And yes, I have rebooted the phone, but the glitch is still there.

Here's what it looks like.  For the record, this pic I am being told the follow picture was taken in 2019... NOT 53,193.


Anyone else noticing the same thing?

I did a search to see if anyone else was having a similar issue.  Nothing popped up.  Maybe it is an issue that is local to the Augusta / Waterville, Maine area?  Or, maybe it is just me.

If you are seeing a similar problem, let me know.  Send me a message through our app or on Facebook.


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