If you're a Patriots fan this never gets old. If there was a new Super Bowl hype video being produced everyday it still wouldn't be enough. We've heard from Ian Cunningham, the master of Patriots parody songs twice this year with Just Slants, and Champ Grind Of Edelman.

There has also been an amazing cover of "Going Bad" by Drake and Meek Mill called "Going Back" on the Youtube page CollyVision that's been making the rounds, which is actually my favorite hype song this season.

These artists are certainly getting a lot of practice writing these parody and hype songs with the incredible championship runs for the New England Patriots for the last two decades. Can you believe that? The Patriots have been dominating the NFL for almost 20 years. No matter what happens during the season, injuries, ridiculous suspensions, maybe a couple losses during the season, we have to listen to all the accusations of cheating, or how they're washed up, too old, can't do it anymore. Well, you can doubt all you want but as the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words. And as you can see, the Patriots are acting like the Championship caliber team that we've been blessed to watch since 2001.

Are you ready to run through a wall yet? If not this new hype video should do it for ya. It starts with the heartbreaking last play of Super Bowl 52, just to keep us all in check.



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