Lawmakers have been busy trying to tackle the big issues in Maine so far in 2019. Trying to decide which of the two native chickadees should be on Maine license plates, thinking about moving Maine to the Atlantic time zone to do away with daylight saving time, and most recently deciding to change the Maine State Flag or keep the old tried and true one.

The flag that some wanted to use was from 1901. It was a simple white flag with a green pine tree and a blue star on it.

Well I don't know which chickadee they chose, but there has been a decision on the state flag.

The Associated Press reports that Lawmakers have decided to keep Maine’s current state flag, however a legislative committee has amended the bill to direct the secretary of state to come up with a design for the state's bicentennial flag, reports.

Some opponents of the legislation say the public wants lawmakers to work on serious issues rather than debating a new state flag or a state bird and I couldn't agree more.



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