Chipotle figures free burritos are nice but and giving customers FREE money via Venmo is better! I tend to agree with them. It's all part of their new loyalty program.

They just announced the details on their website ...the new loyalty program is called Chipotle Rewards. Now just to generate a lil hype Chipotle is partnering with Venmo to give away up to $250,000 to about 25,000 customers, maybe even you starting today thru this Friday, 3/15/19.

So here's the deal...if you'd like a  chance to win between $1 and $500, you need to get a Venmo account, then submit the phone number linked to your Venmo account to  Then within 24 hours, winners will receive a payment from Chipotle via Venmo. Sweeeet! By the way you can do this all via the web or their app.

Cash and a burrito bowl...yes, please. Good luck!

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