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Trista Reynolds, the mother of Ayla Reynolds, says she needs to find Ayla's father, so the wrongful death lawsuit against him can move forward according to WGME.

A 14 and 16 year old arrested in connection to the apparent suicide of one of their schoolmates in Ellsworth according to Newscenter Maine.

Augusta city council are due to an update on a potential new site for the police station and to consider time limits on people living in campers in the city according to

Maine lawmakers are considering a tighter vaccination requirements that could end non-medical exemptions for routine childhood vaccines required according to US News.

Senators Collins and King agree that privatizing the U.S. Postal Service is a bad idea according to US News.

While the number are tiny compared to the southern border, the number of people apprehended along the northern US border is continuing to climb according to US News.

Prosecutors are dropping the charges in a sex trafficking case in Auburn after the alleged victim in, who was scheduled to testify against her fiancé, was found dead according to US News.

Federal prosecutors charged 50 people in a $25 million scheme to help celebrities, CEOs and others cheat their children's way into elite universities according to US News.

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