I love gift-giving SO much that I'm pretty darn sure that it's my love language!  And, I especially love gift-giving during the Holidays. There is just something about picking out the perfect gift for that special person in your life.

One of my favorite things about giving a gift is seeing the reaction on that person's face as they receive it.  Whether it makes them smile, makes them laugh, or makes them nostalgic, I love seeing their genuine reaction.

Here is a list of some pretty neat and unique gifts that are sure to put a smile on someone's face!

1. Beer Chillers - Unless you're at a pub in the UK, you probably are NOT a fan of warm beer.  Putting ice in your beer would only water it down.  Instead, get these beer chiller sticks.  Of course, they don't just work on beer.  You could use them for any beverage.

2. Porta Potty Shot Glasses - IThere are so many things I could say about these, but I'll just let you make your own joke.

3. Toilet Timer - Does the special someone in your life spend too much time scrolling the internet when they are using the bathroom? The Toilet Timer will keep them on track!

4. Pirate Bottle Opener - How cute is this little pirate bottle opener and corkscrew? That's all...   It's cute and everyone needs one in their life!

5. LightSaber Chopsticks - Do you have a Star Wars lover in your life who regularly uses chopsticks?  They NEED these Lightsaber Chopsticks!  Use the force...  to eat your dumplings or spicy tuna roll!

I saved the best for last...

6. Saucemoto - If you've ever eaten nuggets or french fries in the car, you know how much of a mess ketchup and sauces can make.  One bump and you've got sweet -n- sour sauce all over your leather seats.  This cool product all but eliminates the problem.

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