Leslie Jones clearly couldn't keep her cool during last night's 2018 Winter Olympics games, and once you see her tweets you'll understand why.

The SNL star had a moment of weakness during the Men’s Luge competition at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, on Saturday (February 10), in which the comedian live-tweeted multiple NSFW videos of her rooting for Team USA’s Chris Mazdzer.

"Omg!!" Jones tweeted while witnessing Mazdzer in action for the first time, before launching into a series of amusing video clips of her giving commentary of the event.

"Okay, this guy is 6'3 [sic] and 220 — Oh my god, you guys, seriously! Look at this! Look at the sleigh!" the 50-year-old superstar tittered before subsequently freaking out as the Olympic performer plunged down an ice slick on a sled, which can reach velocities of 80 miles per hour, nonstop. "It's literally nothing, you guys. There's no cushion…there's, like, no brake on there," Jones screamed in the hilarious video. "Oh! Stop this sh-t!"

"Yeah, Chris! Let's go, baby!" she cheered in another tweeted vid while expressing her admiration of the 29-year-old athlete during his next hurdle. "Damn, he is fine."

“He is fine as hell, I know that much. That’s for damn sure, Chris,” she remarked. “Why don’t you luge on over here to my place," the Masterminds actress joked again, before snickering, "I'm way more dangerous than that little skateboard…"

“This would be me if I had a kid that was in the Olympics,” Jones commented as the cameras panned to the crowd, where Mazdzer's mom could be seen waving blown-up cutouts of her son's face in the stands. “Especially if my son was that fine. Hey momma, hook me up with your son, boo.”

Chris Mazdzer Wins Silver 2018 Olympics
Alexander Hassenstein, Getty Images

In a recent news, Mazdzer, who was already a three-time Olympian, made history this Sunday (February 11) when he won the silver medal during the Luge Men's Singles on day two of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games at Olympic Sliding Centre, making him the first American male athlete to claim the prize in the sport.

"It's 16 years in the making," Mazdzer told NPR of his recent victory afterward. "I've had a rough last two years, and it just shows: Don't ever give up. Whenever you lose, keep fighting."

While Jones might be unaware of the athlete's latest accomplishment, something tells us the Ghostbusters star will be celebrating her Olympic crush again soon enough.

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