Boston is one step closer to hosting the 2024 Summer Olympics after its selection by the U.S. Olympic committee as their choice to present to the International committee.Boston beat out three others cities to get the bid and will now go to work to build a presentation that will go up against other countries who also want to host the games. Boston must have its bid submitted by the September 15 deadline, the international committee will announce what country will get the right to host in 2017.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh released the following statement after Thursday's announcement. "It is an exceptional honor for Boston to be chosen as the U.S. representative in the running for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. This selection is in recognition of our city's talent, diversity and global leadership. Our goal is to host Olympic and Paralympic Games that are innovative, walkable and hospitable to all. Boston hopes to welcome the world's greatest athletes to one of the world's great cities."

The last summer Olympics held in the United States was Atlanta in 1996.

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