When I was recently scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed skipping over another person singing karaoke or another divisive post. I was delighted to see a post of something beautiful and familiar that made me stop and click.

It was a collection of photos taken around our state by the very talented Todd Burgess, marketing director at Yesah Digital in Saco. The truly original and creative way Todd presents these images of Maine is absolutely captivating.

This unique collection of photographs is called "Maine in Mason Jar"

We reached out to Todd and he was kind to give us a little backstory.

"It’s called "Maine in Mason Jar" because let's face it, you can put anything in a mason jar and preserve it. Why not a seaside sunrise, gorgeous view or even an iconic Maine location?

Since creating the series, I have been surprised with response with features in Downeast Magazine, Cover of Portland Magazine, had a publisher distributing postcards and posters at over 90 gift shops and even took first place at Saco Sidewalk Art Festival.

It’s been an extremely exciting time exploring Maine to capture these images. One day you might be waking up at the base of Mount Katahdin or waitin for the ocean mist to clear in Lubec.

Maine’s rich history, unique and iconic locations, and breathtaking scenery have made this series such a joy to photograph and create and I am very happy to share with you!"

Thank you so much for letting us share these striking images of home with the WBLM audience. We love them.

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