Haven't outgrown that favorite teddy bear from your youth? You're not alone.

A survey of 2,000 adults found that a staggering 40% still sleep with a stuffed animal, while 56% have held on to the teddy bear they had when they were kids.

Let's go back to that 40%, though, shall we? That means four out of 10 people cannot get some shuteye unless they have Mr. Cuddles snuggled up next to them under the sheets. That's pretty hard to believe.

To be fair, the study was furnished by Build-A-Bear Workshop, which is in the business of -- you guessed it -- selling teddy bears.

A total of 72% say they will keep their teddy bear for their entire lives. What is it about these cuddly creatures that people love? Thirty percent say they feel a sense of comfort when they think about their childhood stuffed animal.

The teddy bear is certainly an iconic item, so iconic that it's earned a spot in the National Toy Hall of Fame -- that's a place some others have an eye on joining it.

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