As a former Cony Ram (class of 1997), I was shocked to hear this 'rumor'.  I say 'rumor' because it hasn't been confirmed by the Chizzle Wizzle music director, Mr. Whitaker.  But, my source, I feel is pretty reliable.   But for now...we'll just call it a 'rumor'.  Chizzle Wizzle is a fabulous show of skits and music that is put on at Cony High School.  It goes back over a hundred and twenty five years and is probably the longest running show in the country.  

It appears that 'possibly' there will be some major changes to the 126th production of show this  year.  It sounds like they are doing away with the silly corny jokes and the chorus will no longer be dancing?  It will be more theatrical and less of what Chizzle Wizzle is known for...the cheesy stuff.  IF the rumor mill is true...this breaks my heart tremendously.  This is what makes the Chizzle Wizzle THE Chizzle Wizzle.  Isn't it bad luck to change a 125 years of tradition?  Oh, this isn't good...not good at all.

How do you feel about these rumors?  Should the Chizzle Wizzle show be changed?


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