Zion Aube, 13, of Lewiston has a unique condition, his eyes are perfectly healthy, but the optic nerves never grew, so he is unable to see. After his family learned of a new device called the Brainport, which would allow him to view the world around him, they immediately took action. They have set up a gofundme to help raise the money for the device. The device is described as an oral electronic vision aid that transmits what the camera on the glasses sees to the tongue sensor through "electro-tactile" stimulation.

According to WGME, The family says they have also partnered with the Roopers Beverage & Redemption Company. They say if you drop off a bag of bottles or cans to any Roopers location and say it's for Zion, the money will go to the GoFundMe.

You can see Zion talk about his story, below.

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