Maine has not been able to escape the drug epidemic throughout the country. The statistics are pretty shocking for Maine and methamphetamine.


A huge study by American Addiction Centers Resource,, has broken down stats about Maine and meth. One of the scariest findings is that Maine has had the highest crystal meth potency in the entire country.

The average potency of crystal meth in Maine is 81%.


That is well above the national average of 58%. What's even scarier, is the problem has surged nationwide in recent years, after authorities thought they had conquered meth in the 2000's.

The study analyzed the thousands of meth lab busts and seizures across the country. put together an interactive map based on the last decade of data, so that readers can see how close they have lived to a meth lab.

The study showed that over the past 10 years in Maine, there were 50 secret meth labs. In Portland, people have lived within 3.27 miles from a lab on average. If you are a Breaking Bad fan, you'll be surprised that in New Mexico had very few meth lab operations compared to other states.

Since it can be made with pretty inexpensive chemicals found in over-the-counter medication, and is often made in places that don't scream METH LAB, there are several in remote locations or suburban neighborhoods.

The Director of Brand at, Ruchi Dhami, said that the findings were startling because, many meth labs have existed in seemingly safe, family-friendly neighborhoods.

It continues to be a problem nation wide and we continue to fight it locally.

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