The title is truth. It's a topic that needs to be discussed very deeply because, I am having a hell of a hard time finding the perfect bra at an affordable price. Let me just take a guess and say that most of us wear the same, "good old bra" for far too long and don't change it because we never think about ourselves, just our families.

Well, just like the famous Bob Dylan said, "The Times, They Are A Changing" and ladies, it's time to respect the wants and needs of the boobies.

Let's be proud of them and take care of them with a bra that works for us. I will start this conversation by saying, my personal choices are I normally stay away from padding and push ups because they leave marks and I prefer lace because it's comfortable for me.

Know matter what style of bra you like for yourself, please just know you deserve what makes you feel beautiful. I recently bought a bra for $30.00 and I assumed that was outrageous. So, I reached out to my friends on social media and boy, did I learn a lot. Basically, you sometimes do have to dig deep into your wallet for the right one, however, you are worth it, if it makes you feel good.

In my opinion, and I am not a boob scientist, yet, but bras should be free. If us woman are made to wear them, they should be given to us. However. the market demands our dead presidents and bras are expensive.

I created a gallery below of the Mainers who gave me their opinions on how much a bra should cost.

Women in Maine Get Honest & Have 'Real Talk' About Bras

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