The Boobé Sisters (pronounced boobay) have been getting laughs at comedy clubs in LA since 2013 and have appeared on America's Got Talent. Now they've made a song just for us! It's a parody of the doo-wop classic Stay by Maurice Williams, also done by Jackson Browne on his album Running On Empty.


It's wicked killah.


Please, please, please, please.

Tell me it's summah.


Reneé, Fayé and Kayé Boobé will be on ABC's revival of The Gong Show with you host Tommy Maitland (actually the brilliant return of Mike Myers) this Thursday at 10pm. We'll be rooting for our Sistah from Maine, Leah Finklestein!   She plays the part of Reneé and went to Cape Elizabeth High School.

See the Boobé Sisters live at the Portland House of Music on July 9th! They gotta do this one that night, right?

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