Hope.  While it is a simple, four letter, word, it means so much.  We all need it, but it means something completely different to each one of us.

A few years ago, knowing the country needed hope, Maine artist Charlie Hewitt created a sign designed to make people think about hope.  He knew that we needed to come together to talk through our differences to get things done so that our children and grandchildren can have the kind of world we'd want them to have.

Since the project started, about three years ago, around two dozen Hopeful signs have been installed.  Their light shines from Bangor to the State of Maryland.

At the first lighting of the sign in Augusta, Hewitt explained that, just like how the challenges we face in the world are not black and white, the Hopeful sign is not black and white.

Charlie Hewitt's website features a great interview that he did with News Center Maine where he talks about his background and what drives him.  In the interview, he also explains his motivation behind creating the signs.  You can find Hewitt's website HERE

Check out a video of the Augusta sign being lit up for the very first time.

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Here is a video explaining the partnership between the United Way and Charlie Hewitt.

Have you seen the sign?  If you have, share your pictures and videos of it with us in our app.

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