While it is not the first nationwide retail chain to stop selling cigarettes, it is certainly the larges chain to do so.

According to News Center Maine, as of Monday, some Walmart stores have stopped selling tobacco products.  Some of the stores are located in California, New Mexico, Florida, and Arkansas.

So far, we are not hearing about any stores in Maine, New Hampshire, or Massachusetts that have stopped selling cigarettes or other tobacco products.

The decision to stop selling tobacco products was reportedly done on a case by case basis.

Back in 2019, Walmart made the decision to stop selling vape and e-cig products and accessories.

The article reported that some health officials say deaths from tobacco use cause about 20% of the deaths in the United States each year.

Other national retail chains that previously stopped selling tobacco products include Target and CVS Health.  Target stopped selling tobacco products in 1996.  CVS ended their sale of tobacco products in 2014.

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