Opploans conducted a Google Survey of 2,500, asking how much they intended to spend on Valentines Day, their age, gender, and their state of residence.  Using that information, they've given us a breakdown of Valentines Day spending by state.

Kind of a surprise, to me at least, was that New Mexico spends the most on Valentine's Day.  The average resident of that state plans to spend about $168 on that special someone!

Other big spenders include Connecticut at $69.00, Missouri at $64.69, and Texas at $61.65.

Where does Maine fall?  The complete other end of the spectrum!  Maine is the only state (that actually spent money on the holiday) where the average spend was below $10. Respondents in Maine are planning to spend an average of $9.67.  So, a gas station rose and a small box of chocolates?  Or, a romantic value menu meal at a burger place?

The only states less romantic than Maine were Alaska and North Dakota...  Where the average spending was $0.00!

This should probably be a warning to my friends who have a challenging love life.  STEP YOUR VALENTINES DAY GAME UP!

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