Like it or not, winter weather is here!  And, one of the biggest inconveniences of the season is frosted or icy windshields.

These could be a big help!

Courtesy of WMTW and Country Living, here are three easy life hacks to quickly and easily clear your windshield.

1 - Pour lukewarm water on your windshield (and windows).  Just make sure the water is not boiling.  When combined with the frozen windows, boiling water could cause the glass to crack.  After the water has softened the ice, use a scraper to scrape it clean.

2 - Turn the vehicle's heater on and use a commercial de-icer solution.  The heaters will warm your windshield while the de-icer eats away at the ice.  Duh, right?

3 - Make your own de-icer by mixing water and rubbing alcohol together (don't waste your good whisky or tequila).  The experts say the concoction should be 1/3 water and 2/3 alcohol.

But, why spend time trying to get rid of the frost and ice when you can prevent it?  After you park for the night, cover your windshield with a piece of cardboard, and cover the cardboard with a towel.  In theory, this should prevent the moisture from freezing to your windshield.  In the morning, you should be able to just take the cardboard and towel off your windshield and start your day.

Let me know how these tricks worked for you.  Message me through the station app or reach out to me on social media.  We'd love to hear how you get your windshield cleared up in a hurry.

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