There are over 3.5 billion google searches every day around the world. Here are the five most embarrassing things people search for in Maine:

The tech geeks at Google have created a terrific platform called "Google Trends," where you can see what people are searching for across the globe. When you narrow your search just to the Pine Tree State, some inetesting things can happen.

The editors at Estately magazine picked through over eleven years of data, state-by-state, to see what riduculous and embarrassing things people are looking for on the internet.

Here's the full map of the top embarrassing things by state:

What embarrassing things do people in your state Google more than any other state?

Posted by Estately on Tuesday, August 25, 2015

According to Estately, the most cringeworthy things people search for in Maine are...

1) Nickelback lyrics

2) Good Charlotte

3) Disc Golf

4) The age of consent

5) Fast food coupons

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