Some days it seems like a new sequel rumor hits the Internet every day. Whispers of Top Gun 2 have been floating around the stratosphere for a few years, with the movie even getting a screenwriter at one point, Val Kilmer vowing to return, and even a mysterious meeting with Jerry Bruckheimer. Sometimes, because of timing or lack of resources or myriad other reasons, sequels just don’t end up happening even if they’re hyped. But today brings good news for Top Gun 2 hopefuls: it’s definitely happening, and Tom Cruise himself says it’ll start filming within the next twelve months.

While making an appearance on Australia’s news network talk show Sunrise during his press tour for The Mummy, Cruise confirmed the rumors about the sequel.

It’s true. Yes. You know what, I’m gonna start filming it probably in the next year. I know, it’s happening. It is definitely happening.

I’ll be the first to feel a little uncertain about sequels to movies that have ended up becoming immortal classics, but look at him! Just sitting there glowing like a little sun. If the plans are still in place, Top Gun 2 will have a script by The Jungle Book screenwriter Justin Marks, and will focus on modern drone warfare and fighter pilots. Does that mean Maverick will have become a military consultant in the years since his heyday? Or maybe he’s retired, but the call of duty brings him back to the Air Force in some capacity. Man, I dunno. I’m just happy Tom Cruise is happy.

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