Do you remember the Choco Taco from Klondike? This ice cream treat is a total nostalgic favorite in the convenience store cooler and on the ice cream truck.

A crunchy sugar cone taco is filled with vanilla ice cream with fudge swirls. The top is dipped in a chocolate shell with peanuts. In the words of Klondike, "It's Genius!"

An artisan bakery called The Frisky Whisk Bakery in Gray, Maine is a big fan of the Choco Taco. So much so, that they've created their own custom versions with unique flavors and ingredients. 

Stout Ice Cream Taco with Dark Chocolate Pretzels

S'Mores Ice Cream Taco

Grasshopper Ice Cream Taco

Classic Vanilla and the Raspberry Cheesecake

You can find these at The Frisky Whisk Bakery in Gray, Maine. I've also seen the ice cream tacos popping up in a local stores like Hilltop Superette on Munjoy Hill in Portland. Have you found the Frisky Whisk ice cream taco anywhere?

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