As we get to the winter months it is time to consider things carefully, where we walk, how fast we drive, and how much earlier we need to get up in order to make it to work on time. Well one more thing you need to think about, when you get out of your car, what are the things you absolutely need to bring with you?

1. Cell phones: well, any form of technology really. It is recommended by both Apple and Samsung to not store phones in under 32 degrees.

2. Medication: meds can lose their potency with temperature swings according to the NY Times.

3. Soda and Beer: there’s a limit as to how cold the bottled or canned drinks can get.  Coca-Cola freezes at 30 degrees. Beer’s freezing point is about 27 degrees depending on alcohol content, and when they freeze, they go BOOM. That might be why so many people call soda, POP.

4. Canned foods: they have essentially the same reaction as soda, they expand in cold places and eventually go pop.

5. Instruments: Do NOT leave a musical instrument of any kind in a freezing car, wood can crack or the instruments can go out of tune severely damaging the instrument.

6. Aerosol cans: if for some reason you have spray paint or WD-40 in your car, remove it or else it could go boom.

7. Glasses: transitioning heat or cold could potentially bend the frame and possibly crack the lenses.

8. Low gas tank: it is actually recommended to keep a half tank at least during the winter months to prevent freezing of the fuel lines.

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