Here are the things you need to know today......

Plow-able snow is on the was according to Newscenter.

A Hallowell snow removal ordinance is heading to a third and final reading, but it may undergo some changes before then according to

Castonguay Square may be getting a makeover according to

Hot, dry weather helped to bring a drop in Lyme disease with fewer cases than the last three years according to US News.

Augusta School Board voted to not to recognize several religious holidays from a variety of non-Christian faiths according to WGME.

Maine State Police captured a pig that had been spotted near I-95 near Portland Wednesday according to WGME.

The 'secret sister' gift chain is spreading on social media, but officials say it's a pyramid scheme and should be avoided according to WGME.

Lawyers for Congressman Bruce Poliquin are expecting the ruling today of the federal judge on stopping the ranked-choice counting process and declaring Poliquin the winner according to WGME.


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