Here are the things you need to know today......

Tomorrow is election day you can find plenty of information on where to vote,
the issues and candidates.  (Info Links:,  LWV  Nonpartisan Voter Guide)

About 7000 Mainers started today waiting for the power to be restored after Saturday's windy weather.  CMP & Emera Maine

A judge is set to hear the latest legal arguments over the future of voter-approved Medicaid expansion in Maine according to US News.

The the average statewide cash price for heating oil is $3.02, which is the same as last week, kerosene is now $3.62 per gallon, up one cent from a week ago and propane is $2.88, up two cents in that time according to US News.

More schools in Maine are seeing a presence of police according to

Maine has been having very high voter turnout records, but still many do not vote for a variety of reasons according to

Palermo Schools is working to make students happier and, therefore, more successful according to

The Waterville City Council meets Wednesday (not is normal Tuesday date because of the election) to consider appointing two councilors to the Marijuana Study Committee according to

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